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Orange Blossom

Membership Includes

  • Unlimited Primary Care

  • Longer Appointments

  • Urgent Visits

  • 24/7 Access via Calls, Text, Emails

  • In-Office Procedures & Labs

What IS a DPC, anyway? 

DPC stands for Direct Primary Care. It is a new model of healthcare that provides patients with unlimited access to their primary care physician for a monthly fee. This fee covers all office visits, preventive care, and basic lab work. Patients also have access to their doctor's cell phone number and can text or call them with questions or concerns.

DPC is different from traditional healthcare in several ways. First, patients pay a monthly fee directly to their doctor, rather than through insurance. This means that there are no copays or deductibles for office visits. Second, DPC practices have a much lower patient-to-doctor ratio than traditional practices. This allows doctors to spend more time with each patient and get to know them better. Third, DPC practices are not tied to any insurance companies. This means that doctors are free to practice medicine without having to worry about meeting insurance company requirements.

DPC has several benefits for patients. It is much more affordable than traditional healthcare, patients have much more access to their doctor, and DPC practices are focused on preventive care, which can help patients stay healthy and avoid costly medical problems.

The Process


Procedures inlcuded in monthly subscription cost include -Ingrown/Overgrown Nails Corn and Callus removal -Ear Canal Irrigation/cleaning -Joint Injections -Trigger Point Injections -Trigger finger injections -Wart freezing -Skin biopsies -Abscess/Cyst drainage and removal -Lacerations -Pap smears Likely more–just ask, and we can discuss making it available!

Health Care We Offer

  • Routine Check Ups & Wellness Visits

  • Endocrine Disorders (diabetes, thyroid, adrenal disease)

  • Heart Disease (blood pressure, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, cholesterol)

  • Mental Health (depression, anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, OCD)

  • Sexual Health (STI/STD screening and treatment, erectile dysfunction, low libido)

  • Prenatal Care (coming soon)

  • Pediatrics (well child checks, sick visits, minor injuries)

  • Geriatrics (elderly care)*

  • Chronic Lung Disease (asthma, COPD, emphysema)

  • Acute Care (i.e. colds, flu, strep, COVID, UTIs, STIs, constipation, etc)

  • Dermatology (skin cancer checks, wound care, toenail trims/removals, warts, corns, calluses)

  • Women’s Health (Pap smears, contraception including IUDs and Nexplanon insertion/removal, menopause)

  • Musculoskeletal (arthritis, EDS, sprains, spasms, injuries)

Why Choose the Little DPC? 

Are you tired of the impersonal, high-cost healthcare system? Look no further than the Little DPC, a Direct Primary Care practice that is reimagining the delivery of healthcare. We offer affordable, high-quality care to all, and we are committed to creating a welcoming environment, strengthening the provider-patient partnership, and increasing access to care. We also believe in honoring the humanity of all employees and fostering an environment that respects and encourages provider autonomy and collegiality.

If you are looking for a healthcare practice that puts you first, then The Little DPC is the place for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your health.

Benefits of a DPC





Fewer Patients

Means More Time

Low Cost





At Cost

Full price Transparency 

One membership fee. No markups on labs, imaging, or medications

from the pharmacy. Know how much you're spending BEFORE you pay. 

Membership Pricing

 Discounted Rates

Pay For Full Year Now, 
Get 1 Month Free!

*Discounts Applied In-Person
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