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  • What is direct primary care (DPC)?
    Direct primary care (DPC) is a practice and payment model where patients pay the doctor/clinic directly instead of going through the traditional insurance system. Payments are set and paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually. The DPC model typically has less patients than a traditional clinic. Because of this, patients get increased access to their provider--longer visits, after-hours communication, and quick access to appointments (same day/next day).
  • Do you take any insurance?
  • If I have insurance, can I still see you? Do I cancel my insurance?
    Yes you can come to The Little DPC if you have insurance! In fact, most people have insurance. We do not recommend cancelling your insurance in order to see us. We only provide care at our clinic and if you are needing hospital/emergent/surgery needs, those things are not covered by our membership. We are NOT an insurance plan.
  • What about labs, medications and imaging?
    If you have insurance, you can use your insurance for all of these things. However, we have access to wholesale prices for labs, meds, and imaging and often these prices are cheaper than our patients' insurance copays. You only have to use your insurance for these things if it save you money. Your monthly fee does NOT include costs of labs, medications, or imaging.
  • Can you send referrals?
    Yes! For soonercare patients, this can be a little tricky, but we can navigate this. However, for all of our patients, we are able to spend way more time with them than traditional clinics. Because of this, we can often keep most things "in house" and avoid unnecessary/costly specialist appointments. We are comfortable treating most things, but if you have a specific condition/concern you are wondering about, please ask!
  • Is this concierge medicine?
    No. Concierge medicine typically has higher monthly/annual costs than DPC clinics. They also often bill insurance in addition to the fees (think pro-athlete or celebrity doctors). DPCs have a much lower average cost and do not bill insurance, so they are more accessible to your "average joe."
  • How much does the membership cost?
    There is a one time enrollment fee (per household) of $100 in addition to the following monthly fees: For children <18 years old, the cost is $50/month. For adults 18-65, the cost is $100/month. Ages 65-99 cost $130/month and over 100 years old is free.
  • If I have medicare, can I see you?
    No, at this time we have a waitlist for medicare patients.
  • Is there a minimum membership commitment? How does cancelling work?
    There is a 3 month minimum commitment. After that a patient can cancel their membership at anytime.
  • Can I enroll when I need you and unenroll when I don't?
    We do not encourage this. We limit how many patients we see, so we can give them the time and quality of care they deserve. If a patient cancels their membership, we cannot guarantee they will be accepted back as a patient. Also, if a patient cancels and then re-enrolls, they will be charged an additional enrollment fee of $100.
  • Do you charge more for pre-existing conditions/complex medical history?
    Nope and often these patients can benefit the most from direct primary care because you can get ahold of us when you need us and have frequent/long appointments when you need them.
  • Do you offer any procedures? Is this extra?
    We do offer procedures! Examples are pap smears, skin biopsies, joint injections, ingrown toenail removals, wart freezing, abscess drainage. These are included in the monthly fee. If it is not covered, you will know ahead of time because we believe in full price transparency. If a procedure requires pathology from a lab to be done (like a pap smear), the extra cost will come from the lab charge.
  • I'm healthy and don't see the doctor a DPC for me?
    We believe direct primary care can be for everyone. Whether it is a sinus infection, mental health problem, stomach bug, a laceration that needs to be sewn up, you don't need a doctor until you need them. The peace of mind knowing we are here for you when you need us is priceless. In the meantime, we will work on your preventative health and keeping you healthy now and in the future. Direct primary care can help you avoid unnecessary urgent care and ER visits. If you have nausea on vacation, we are a text away and we can send you in medications.
  • Can I use HSA/FSA for my monthly fee?
    While we have never had issues running FSA/HSAs for the monthly fee, it is important to consult with your accountant or employer about this.
  • What kind of medical care do you offer?
    We offer "full spectrum" primary care. This includes newborn visits, pediatric well child checks, chronic disease management, women's health, mental health, LGBTQIA+ care, preventative medicine, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, but we can manage the following things: Routine check ups/wellness visits Endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid, adrenal disease) Heart Disease (blood pressure, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, cholesterol) Mental Health (depression, anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, OCD, ADHD) Sexual Health (STI/STD screening and treatment, erectile dysfunction, low libido) LGBTQIA+ (adult gender affirming care, PrEP, PEP) Pediatrics (well child checks, sick visits, minor injuries) Geriatrics (elderly care) Chronic lung disease (asthma, COPD, emphysema) Acute care (colds, flu, strep, COVID, UTIs, STIs, constipation, etc) Dermatology (skin cancer checks, wound care, toenail trims/removals, warts, corns, calluses) Women’s Health (Pap smears, contraception (including IUDs and Nexplanon insertion/removal), menopause) Musculoskeletal (arthritis, EDS, sprains, spasms, injuries)
  • How do you feel about LGBTQIA+ care?
    We believe all patients, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserve a place to feel safe and accepted and to receive excellent medical care. We are very passionate about our LGBTQIA+ community. Unfortunately in Oklahoma, getting good medical care for these patients can be hard to find. We offer adult gender-affirming care, STI screening and treatment, PrEP, and PEP.
  • Do you offer prenatal care and do you deliver babies?
    We will manage your first trimester if uncomplicated, but then we will be co-managing with your OB. We do not do deliveries. However we can see your newborn!
  • Do you offer house calls?
    Yes! This is offered for an additional $100 and is available only to Oklahoma City metro residents. For newborns, the first two newborn visits are free house calls.
  • Do you have vaccines?
    At this time, no. This may change soon, but for now we will work with our patients/pediatrics to get their vaccines elsewhere.
  • Can I get ahold of Jay and Danielle after my appointment?
    YES! This is one of the huge benefits of The Little DPC. We are a text, email, or call away. You won't be calling a nurse-line or call center, your communication will be directly with us.
  • What if the doctor goes on vacation?
    First, you will know months in advance (which isn't typical at traditional clinics). This will give you plenty of time to get refills, get seen, etc. However, unless we specifically tell you, we are also available when we are out of town via text, call, email.
  • Do you offer televisits?
    Yes! For new establishing care visits, these need to be in person. After that, we can have visits over video or phone!
  • Do you accept patients that don't live in Oklahoma?
    At this time, no.
  • Do you offer mental health care or do I need to be referred to psychiatry?
    We love managing mental health! Whether it is depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, bipolar, or ADHD, we can care for you. Sometimes if you have a complex history, we may need to refer to psychiatry, but this is rare.
  • How do payments work?
    You put a card on file and select either the 1st or 15th for an autodraft
  • Do you treat chronic pain?
    This is on a case-by-case basis. Please call our office to see if we are a right fit for you.
  • When are you open? Do you accept walk-ins?
    We are open M-T 9-5 and F 9-12. We do not accept walk-ins, we are by appointment only. However we can usually get patients in same day/next day.
  • Can I see you for a single appointment and not have a membership?
  • Is Jay or Danielle going to be my primary care provider?
    At The Little DPC, we believe that "two brains are better than one." We both strive to know everything about the patients, so we have a unique dual-approach at our clinic. Usually for your first appointment, you will be talking to both Jay and Danielle. If you have a preference on one of us, please let us know and we will try to accommodate this.
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